Condition: New Tablet Content: 10mg 50 pills Tablet Manufacturer: Maxtreme Tablet Chemical Name: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)


Maxi-Fen-10 – a fairly rare drug belonging to the group of sex hormones. The original purpose of Maxi-Fen-10 – providing assistance to the fair sex in oncology, namely – in the treatment of breast cancer.

However, the most widely received Maxi-Fen-10 in men. At first glance it may seem incredible, but all will become clear on closer examination, the properties of the drug.

Positive impact on the athletes

As already mentioned above, to take Maxi-Fen-10 bodybuilding taken together with anaboliticheskimi means. It is caused by the fact that many of the steroid preparations included a large amount of flavor components, provoking increased growth of estrogen in the blood of athletes. The result of this growth is the emergence of the phenomenon of the feminization of athletes – female.

This can be expressed in an excessive accumulation of water in the body or enhanced accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, as well as gynecomastia in a phenomenon (increase in breast size). Perhaps the single and double-sided increase, and the opportunity to bring them back to its original state only appears when seeking the assistance of the surgeon. All this does not need any athlete.

Maxi-Fen-10 is the right drug that can prevent the development of all these unpleasant phenomena. Its effect is the blocking of estrogen receptors. As a result, you can not form compounds “estrogen receptor +.”

In this case, this medicinal product does not tend to cause the termination of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It turns out that Maxi-Fen-10 only struggling with estrogens. However, it is not a proven fact, that they did not win a victory over him.

Side effects

Very often the antiestrogen Maxi-Fen-10 factor is the cause of the adverse reactions:

  • Overreliance on Maxi-Fen-10 can cause athletes increase body weight, as well as to phenomena such as hair loss or complete baldness, you may experience hot flashes intense heat, of itching in the crotch area, as well as the occurrence of persistent pain in the bones.
  • Athletes who take Maxi-Fen-10 may be faced with the emergence of nausea, they appear dizziness, body temperature rises.
  • In the body athletes abusers Maxi-Fen-10, possible fluid retention, which leads to disruption of normal kidney function. Frequent state of sleepiness, depression, you may experience depression. Caused by immoderate intake anorexia can lead to constipation and excessive fatigue.
  • From the ophthalmic system may retinopathy (not inflammatory retina of the eye, leading to partial or complete loss of vision) as well as diseases such as cataract, leading to loss of vision. Response to Maxi-Fen-10 may become severe skin rash.
  • It is not uncommon sensation patients not only visual impairment, but also the appearance of confusion of consciousness, headache. Cases of corneal changes in the eye.
  • In very rare cases of liver damage, the occurrence of hepatitis and other serious diseases, as well as enhanced risk of serious malfunctions in the liver.