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Testover E amp.


Condition: New Tablet Content: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: Vermodje Tablet Chemical Name: Testosterone enanthate

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Steroid Testover E contains one of the testosterone esters – enanthate. It has high androgenic properties. The form of release – a bottle with an injection in volume in 10 ml. Each milliliter of steroid contains 250 mg of enanthate. The drug is available for most athletes and the testosterone enanthate price is not high.

How to take Testover E

When choosing the dosage for the testosterone enanthate course, one should first of all be guided by the features of the athlete’s body, as well as the goals set for it. The average dose giving the maximum effect is from 250 to 750 milligrams per week. This is the number that will be optimal for beginners. Experienced athletes conduct more powerful courses and take sometimes up to 2000 milligrams of funds.

When using the drug, remember that enanthate is a long ether and injections can be done once a week. This scheme has proven effective for many decades.

Very good results are given by cycles of combined use of Testover E. To increase the growth of muscle tissue mass, it is worth using nandrolone, vinstrol, methandrostenolone, trenbolone and others.