Condition: New Tablet Content: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: Maxtreme Tablet Chemical Name: Testosterone propionate


Testo-Prop is peculiar to specific androgenic effects, namely the stimulation of the development and function of the external genitalia, the effect on the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, as well as the impact on the expression of secondary sexual characteristics in males (voice, body hair). Testo-Prop is actively participating in the formation of body constitution, and sexual behavior in male libido results in activity and potency, stimulates spermatogenesis.

The drug can significantly reduce the amount of synthesized lyuteotropnogo and follicle-stimulating hormone. Recall that testosterone refers to antagonists of female hormones – estrogen and therefore may have anti-tumor effects in the presence of mammary tumors in women. Testo-Prop and may have an anabolic effect, which manifests itself as: stimulation of protein synthesis processes; reducing body fat; retention in the body such substances necessary for the synthesis processes as protein potassium, phosphorus and sulfur; directly increasing calcium fixation in bones and muscle growth. If eat products containing large amounts of protein while taking the drug, it will stimulate production process eritrotropoetina.

Effects of Testo-Prop

  1. muscle growth (because drug exposure time is not prolonged, the effect is expressed in muscle growth, is not explicit, but acquired mass will vary little% water content)
  2. Getting rid of excess fat
  3. The muscles become more rigid and relief
  4. Relatively quickly increase power rates
  5. During the course will be observed increase in libido
  6. The risk associated with the occurrence of coronary and coronary heart disease has declined significantly

Application of Testo-Prop

Men are not actively involved in sports, the recommended dosage of 100 to 200 mg every other day. This dosage is sufficient for a substantial increase in strength and muscle mass. Men who prefer power sports, it is used to increase strength and bodybuilders in the process of drying the active organism. Testo-Prop is more effective when used in combination with other AAS example metanolonom, boldenone, nandrolone. Dry mass and strength is the drug recommended for use with trenbolone or Turinabol, but stanozolol, used in conjunction with a course propionate, can cause joint problems. Propionate is well combined with oxandrolone, primobolom or fenilpropinoatom.

Side effects of Testo-Prop

In men, the side effects associated with the use of testosterone can occur in the form of hair loss on the head, increasing the growth of hair on the body and face, skin greasy, acne. Another side effects may manifest as increased arousal, frequent erection, libido enhancement, edema, hypercalcemia, nausea and dizziness. Just to the side effects include the possible development of cholestatic jaundice, thrombophlebitis, increased aminotransferase levels, pain at the injection site, redness and itching. Prone to gynecomastia, can take the course together with Testo-Prop tamoksimed and \ or Proviron. Just ether propionate has a negative impact on the development of their testosterone and reduce it, and to avoid the recession results in this regard, it is recommended that after application of Testo-Prop course, a policy kursklomeda \ tamoksimeda or toremifene.

In women, side effects may occur in the form of masculinization: increasing the growth of hair on the body and face, deepening of voice, minor swelling of the skin.

In adolescents, the side effects of the application of testosterone can occur in the form of premature closure of the epiphyseal bone and precocious puberty with an increase in the size of the genitals.