Insulin 100IU


Condition: New Tablet Content: 1 vial of 100IU Tablet Manufacturer: Torrent Tablet Chemical Name: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)


Insulin 100IU – a transport hormone produced in the cells of the endocrine pancreas. The objective of this peptide to reduce blood sugar level that is significantly lower glucose concentrations. It is widely used in bodybuilding, and this is no accident. This peptide provides a strong anabolic effect.

Besides this drug is an anti-catabolic, because activates the enzyme of glycolysis and stimulates formation of glycogen in the body of glucose, enhancing protein synthesis and fat. It is also important that Insulin 100IU has the ability to suppress the activity of enzymes that break down fat and glycogen. The above properties of this peptide makes it clear why he is the anti-catabolic agent.

Please be aware that transport hormone are very strong and serious hormone, so it is strictly forbidden to use novice athletes. The main reason for this – a serious harm to the body, which can cause it from improper use and dosages. Recorded and cases of death. The main advantage and benefit of it to the other peptides, is that it is a hormone transport. Role of Insulin 100IU transport nutrients to the body’s cells, namely carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and fats.

A side effect of Insulin 100IU

The first and significant side effects is hypoglycemia, i.e. low blood glucose. Hypoglycemia is characterized as follows: the limbs begin to tremble, lost consciousness, and understanding what is happening around, as excessive sweating. Reduced level of glucose in the same accompanied by a loss of coordination and orientation, a strong sense of hunger. The heartbeat begins to increase. All of the above are symptoms of hypoglycemia.

It is important to know the following: If you recognize the symptoms of obvious lack of glucose, the urgent need to replenish the body with sweet, which would bring the blood glucose levels to normal.

The following side effects, but little significance – itching and irritation at the injection site.

Rare allergy, but it little importance.

If you take long enough it, then you have significantly reduced endogenous secretion of own Insulin 100IU. It is also possible on the basis of an Insulin 100IU overdose.

Use of Insulin 100IU

In bodybuilding use it only short-acting or ultrashort.

short-acting Insulin 100IU works as follows: after subcutaneous administration (injection) starts to operate in half an hour. You must inject it for half an hour before food intake. The maximum Insulin 100IU action reaches cherez120 minutes after administration, and completely stops its operation at the transport through the body 6 hours.

Insulin 100IU-acting works on the principle that, after its introduction into the blood it begins to do its work after 10 minutes, and the maximum efficiency is reached after 120 minutes. Shuts down ultrafast it within 3-4 hours. After Insulin 100IU was introduced, you must immediately take food or enter traffic hormone after its reception.