Fertigyn (Pregnyl)


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The active substance is pregna human chorionic gonadotropin, which is derived from the urine of pregnant women. Pregnil stimulates the production of steroid hormones in the gonads due to effects peculiar to the human luteinizing hormone (LH). Individuals female drug causes an increase in the synthesis of progesterone and estrogen after ovulation in patients male Pregnil stimulates the synthesis of testosterone. There was no appearance of antibodies in the body against human chorionic gonadotropin when administered pregna.

The maximum concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is determined after 20 hours in the blood plasma in women, in men – after 6 hours (after a single intramuscular injection). Significant differences in the pharmacokinetics of males and females due to the greater part of a significant thickness of subcutaneous fat in the buttocks of women. HCG after intramuscular administration is well absorbed into the blood. The half-life is 33 hours pregna. Approximately 80% of the drug is destroyed in the renal tissue. Eliminating – the urine.

Indications for Use of Pregnyl


• a decrease in fertility associated with idiopathic disspermiey;
• hypogonadotropic hypogonadism;
• delay in sexual development in boys, associated with the lack of gonadotrophic function of the pituitary cells;
• cryptorchidism (except due to anatomical occlusion).


• in the programs of ART (assisted reproductive technologies) for the preparation of the follicle to puncture for the purpose of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation;
• induction of ovulation in infertility associated with impaired maturation of the follicle, or anovulation;
• Support menstrual luteal phase (in r. H. In a time of the controlled ovarian hyperstimulation when assisted reproductive technologies) in conjunction with analogs of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or other medications to stimulate ovulation in female infertility caused by anovulation due to insufficient activity of estrogen endogenous origin ( WHO classification – ovarian failure I group).

Dosing of Pregnyl

Before introduction into the lyophilized active substance attached pregna added solvent. Administered intramuscularly slowly. The prepared solution must not be stored, as further preserve the sterility of the solution is not guaranteed. These dosages are approximate, the treatment should be adjusted by the doctor individually, depending on the desired reaction to the introduction of pregna.

Preparation of follicles for puncture or ovulation induction: once introduced Pregnil at a dosage of 000 IU 3000-10.
Support menstrual cycle luteal phase: dosage of 1000-3000 IU 1 time per day. Total injection assigned 2-3: 1, each time in 9 days after the spiking embryo or after ovulation (eg: ovulation after stimulation for 3, 6 and 9 days).