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Equipoise – a powerful anabolic steroid. Dihydrotestosterone mestanolone and very weak, due to the fact that they are very easily exposed to 3-alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. Equipoise remains active. In conducting standard tests on animals, it exhibits much greater anabolic than testosterone or methyltestosterone. The same tests show that androgenic more than 4 times less than its anabolic, despite the fact that it is not so in humans. Many believe that Equipoise – one of the most powerful selling steroids. New athlete 6 weeks of treatment may increase the weight per 9-15kg. It retains water, and the bulk of the gain will be just water.

The use of Equipoise

As a result of studies found that taking oral AAS with food reduces the bioavailability of the drug. This is due to the fat-soluble nature of the AAC, which may allow part of the drug to dissolve in the fat derived from food, and this will reduce the absorption of AAS in the gastrointestinal tract. In order to maximize the effect this drug are advised to take on an empty stomach.

A little earlier in the medicine practiced in the drug 2,5mg doses three times a day. Doses above 30 mg is not often prescribed. Now advise 1-5mg per kg, then reduced to 1-2mg per kilogram. At a dose of 5 mg per kilogram, a dose for a person weighing 80 kg it comes out to about 400 mg per day. The same patient may take 150 mg at a dose of 2 mg per kilogram. The treatment usually lasts from 3 months to six months. If you take medication for sport, then the dosage is decreased to 50-150mg, rates of 6-8 weeks. This level is sufficient for a strong increase in mass and strength. Doses above mentioned rarely used because begin to manifest the estrogenic side-effects, as well as liver problems.

Side effects of Equipoise

Equipoise – strongly estrogenic steroid. The occurrence of gynecomastia is likely during the course, especially at higher doses. Water retention can also be a problem, it lost the appearance of muscles and increases body fat. The occurrence of severe side effects can lead to the fact that the athlete will start using on a course of anti-estrogen such as Tamoxifen or Clomid. I should say that Equipoise does not aromatize in the body. This steroid is a relative of dihydrotestosterone, and he, too, does not aromatize. Anti-aromatase such as Arimidex or Cytadren can not help on the course with Equipoise. It is believed that its estrogenic activity is associated with progestin, like nandrolone. Side effects may be similar. As a result of medical research, it was found that the progestagenic activity of Equipoise at no. It is likely that he simply activates estrogen receptors, as well as methandriol.

Equipoise effects

  • Maximum muscle growth (10 to 15 kg of muscle)
  • It affects the growth of the power indicators
  • Improve mobility and relieve pain in the joints
  • Reduces SHBG function – in this case reinforces the action of anabolic hormones
  • Enhances hemoglobin synthesis
  • Enhances hemopoiesis (hematopoiesis)
  • It has a stimulating effect on the production of erythropoietin
  • Enhances Protein synthesis