British Dragon is the manufacturer of Boldabol. Boldabol can be used with proper diets during both cutting and bulking phase.

Condition: New Tablet Content: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: British Dragon Tablet Chemical Name: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)



Boldabol – an effective steroid with a sufficiently high concentration of active ingredient (300 mg in 1 ml). It is mainly applied in sports practice. Athletes of various disciplines of bodybuilding pauerliftinga to commonly use his courses to obtain qualitative increase muscle mass.

We note that Boldenone Undecylenate, located at the base of the injection means – is a steroid, which was originally developed for veterinary use. It was used to increase appetite in animals. It is only then he got into bodybuilding and sports in general, where he began to use and is now quite high popularity as a means of doping.

Application of Boldabol

By ordering this medication and applying on the course properly, you can achieve such improvements, both qualitative muscle gain. Also itincreased red blood cell mass of blood, as well as increasing strength and improving the transport of oxygen.

How to take Boldabol 300 in bodybuilding and other disciplines? Typically, this steroid is used in doses from 200 to 800 mg per week (males). Its effect lasts for a long time (about 15 days), so the need for frequent administration of injections is not (in most cases is placed once a week). Courses with the participation of its long – an average of about 6-8 weeks total. Athletes use drug in combination with other steroidal agents, testosterone and stanozolol to Turinabol.

What exactly steroids it is possible and necessary to combine? Much depends on your goals, experience, including in the application of pharmacology, and financial capabilities.

Joint rate Boldabol Sustanon 300 and is a good option for those athletes who primarily seek greater muscle mass. Dosages: active drug – 500-600 mg per week, sustanon – 500 mg per week. Also on this course you will need Proviron (mesterolone) – 25 mg per day.

In turn, the course Boldabol 300+ Turinabol + stanozolol injections will give good results in a set of lean muscle mass. Scheme rate such: boldenone – 600-800 mg per week (1 to 6 week course) Turinabol – 40 mg per day (1 to 6 week), stanozolol injections – 50 mg a day (3-6 week), FCT – clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen.

Where you can in a relaxed atmosphere to talk with resource consultants (qualified sports physician experienced coach bodybuilding) and get sensible recommendations on the use of this and other pharmacological agents that are relevant in the sport.

Description Boldabol properties

In early it is important to highlight here that: the active ingredient of the drug is a steroid anabolic respectively with sufficiently high anabolic activity (100% of testosterone) and mild androgenic effect (50% of testosterone).  These days he is also very popular in the sport, and all because of the low risk of side effects and a wide range of beneficial effects.

What effect does Boldabol 300 ? For an athlete it can be multiple enhancements:

  • High-quality muscle growth;
  • Increased power performance;
  • An increase in vascularity of muscles;
  • Improved transport of oxygen;
  • Strong increase in appetite.