Turanabol 20


Condition: New Tablet Content: 20mg (100 pills) Tablet Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma Tablet Chemical Name: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)


Turanabol – tablets anabolic steroid, which is in its effects very similar to methandrostenolone (slang – “methane”, “Metakhim”). Just Turanabol similar to methane by its structure, but the difference is that Turik has an additional chlorine atom.

Deserved a pet “Starter Chemists”, because it has minimal side effects and significantly inhibits its own production of testosterone (approximately 25-30%, while 50-70% methane).

Due to the fact that Turababol is quite expensive (in comparison with the same methane) and is in demand, black market is full of fakes it, because of what sometimes athletes are not the results that are expected. Quite often “clandestine unscrupulous manufacturers” instead Turanabol “slip” pacifier, in the best case, methane.

Turanabol course

This allows the drug is slowly but surely gaining muscle mass, increase strength gains, endurance and definition. Gain muscle mass quality and the rollback phenomenon is minimal.

It is also important that from Turikov does not fill some water. Unlike methane, it allows you to build lean muscle, which after completion of the course is likely to largely remain with you.

Quite often, in smaller doses (20 mg daily) Turanabol used by athletes who need to stay in a certain weight category (for example, swimmers, boxers). At this dosage weight will remain the same, but the power performance and endurance increase.

Not less popular this drug among athletes. Turik was first tested in athletics, where perfectly proved himself, after which he noticed metal fans.

PCT after Turanabol

One of the features Turanabol for sale, as well as a key differentiator from methane is that it does not aromatize . Many athletes say that if Turanabol Dosage solo course was low (20-50 mg per day). The course is not longer than 8 weeks. There is no need to include anti-estrogens in post-cycle therapy (PCT) , and enough drink Tribulus, zinc , omega -3 and gepatoprotektory . But, if your dose more than 50 mg per day, or more than the length of the course of 8 weeks, the PBC should be included anti-estrogens (eg Tamoxifen or Clomid ).

But do not forget that every body react differently to the use of anabolic steroids. So for that would accurately determine whether to include in the FCT after Turanabol antioestrogens, you must pass the appropriate tests (Testosterone general; Estradiol, LH / FSH, prolactin, SHBG; Progesterone). Only on their results can be determined with the correct choice of drugs and their dosages for FCT.

Remember that the use of anabolic steroids should be combined with a full-fledged high-protein diet and good sleep. It is also desirable to add to the diet of sports nutrition: protein , gainer , creatine , amino acids , BCAA’s , vitamins and minerals .