TriTren 150


Condition: New Tablet Content: 10 ampoules (150mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma Tablet Chemical Name: Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren)


TriTren 150 is a composite preparation (a mixture of trenbolone esters). Contains:

  • Trenbolone acetate;
  • Trenbolone enanthate;
  • Trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate.

Such a combination of ethers of different durations makes the drug very attractive, as it is quickly included in the work, but due to long esters, it is long in the body. Simply put, the background is relatively flat. Like ordinary trenbolone, tritrene does not cause water retention in the body, it gives a confident increase in the quality of muscle mass and raises power indicators, which makes this drug attractive not only in bodidilding, but also in power sports.

TriTren 150 is perfectly combined with testosterone, boldenone, drostanolone, methenolone, turinabol, methandrostanolone, oxandrolone.

How to take Tri-Tren 150

Athletes use both a solo TriTren 150 course and a combined course. Steroid is perfectly combined with other anabolic substances. To this end, apply from 300 to 400 milligrams of the drug within a week. As already mentioned above, you need to do two injections a week.

Tri-tren 150 showed high efficiency and in combination with other drugs. In the course of trenbolone, you can include almost any steroids, but the best combinations are testosterone, stanozol, methane.