Condition: New Tablet Content: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals Tablet Chemical Name: Testosterone propionate


Testopin-100 is the fast ester of the male sex hormone testosterone. The half-life period is 1-2 days, which obliges the athlete to inject every day or every other day. The drug is included in the work instantly and provides an athlete with an elevated level of the hormone for 24-48 hours, after which its concentration in the blood drops sharply. Propionate is one of the most expensive esters of testosterone, so athletes often prefer enanthate or cypionate, including, because there is no need for daily injections.

How to Take Testopin-100

The course Testopin-100, in contrast to the testosterone course enanthate or cypionate, can last less than 8 weeks, as a rule, the average duration of the propionate course is 6 weeks. This is explained by the fact that the drug is included in the work almost instantly and very quickly leaves the body of the athlete. However, if the course contains a drug with a longer period of work, the duration of the course should be adjusted precisely for this drug.

Take Testopin-100 should be at a dosage of 200-500 mg / week, in the event that you have a small length of use of AAS, or do not have it at all. Advanced athletes can raise dosage up to 1000 mg / week. On the course strict control over the level of estradiol is mandatory, in case of its increase, the use of the aromatase inhibitor should be started immediately. This will avoid the side effects associated with an elevated level of female sex hormones.