Sustanon 350


Condition: New Tablet Content: 10ml vial (350mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma Tablet Chemical Name: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)


Sustanon – a drug whose composition is represented by several forms of testosterone. Initially, Sustanon 350, which released the first US company by Organon, used solely for therapeutic purposes, administered to patients whose body does not produce the right amount of testosterone. Today, this mix has been gaining popularity in sports pharmacology.

Sustanon 350 includes four testosterone ester:

  • decanoate;
  • propionate;
  • izokaproat;
  • phenylpropionate.

The rate of absorption of each form is different, which explains the high efficiency of the drug. He maintains a high testosterone level for a whole month. First in the blood enters propionate, followed phenylpropionate, after which comes into action izokaproat, the latter absorbed decanoate.

The duration of action can reduce the number of injections. This does not affect the efficiency of the mixture. It is not inferior preparations which are administered separately. The only drawback is the cost. The mixture is usually more expensive.

The operating principle of Sustanon

Sustanon has long esters standard properties. It contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass, strength and endurance, an anti-catabolic effect. Also increases the number of red blood cells, enhances appetite.

The peculiarity of this prep ata is that it comes into operation very quickly, while there is a fairly long time. This property is due to the fact that part of the drug testosterone ester 4, which have various nye absorption rate, whereby a long period in blood is maintained high even the background level of anabolic hormones. This table shows the half-life Sust, or rather its esters.

Sustanon water retention in the body, but it is rather a positive feature, because during the course of power rates significantly grow, so the load on the joints increases sharply, and the water, which is delayed, eases tension in the joints.

Sustanon will allow you to type in a month on average, 5-6 kg (for a two-month course of weight gain may be around 10-12 kg), but do not forget about the rollback phenomenon , due to which at the end of the course, weight loss may reach 20-50% typed.

Course of Sustanon

If we compare Sustanon and testosterone enanthate , Sustanon is a course (in the same dosages) will probably be a bit “heavier”. Opinions on this issue may vary.

Typically, the length of the course Sustanon solo lasts about 6-8 weeks. The injections are performed once a week intramuscularly, dosage 350-1000 mg (mostly sportsmen enough 350-500 mg).

From the 2nd week of the course, it is desirable to start the use of aromatase inhibitors(eg anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day). This will avoid the side effects of the drug (they should apply until the end of the course). Please note: this is not the end of the course the moment the last injection and the time when the drug is no longer operate effectively. In this case, the end of the course comes in 1-2 weeks after the last injection.

Sustanon goes well with almost all other steroids. To achieve maximum benefit from the course have to adhere to proper nutrition, good and plenty of sleep, exercise correctly. It is also desirable to include in your diet protein , gainer , vitamin and mineral complex , amino acids , BCAA’s , glutamine , creatine , etc.

Many advised Sust (in small doses) for the first year. But do not forget that Sustanon enough “heavy” steroid which imposes strong androgenic and anabolic effects , even in small doses. Recommended practice Sustanon, they have had little experience, “chemist”, having a couple of simpler courses.