Condition: New Tablet Content: 25mg (10 pills) Tablet Manufacturer: Shering Tablet Chemical Name: Mesterolone (Proviron)

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Provironum production of Thai pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering Pharma – is a steroid, endowed with strong androgenic activity and moderate / mild anabolic effect, used both within the sports practice as well as in medicine. In medicine, describes the means used mainly for the treatment and therapy of diseases related to sexual dysfunction in men – reduced potency, male infertility, fatigue, and other gipogenitalizme.

In turn, in sport (bodybuilding, weightlifting and other popular today disciplines) Provironum 25mg preferably used as agent exhibiting antiestrogenic properties (can prevent / eliminate estrogenic side effects – gynecomastia, fluid retention, and others), and because it ability to increase the blood concentration of free testosterone (feasible due to blockage of sex hormone binding globulin).

Properties and effects of Provironum

The basis of the described formulation is sufficiently popular steroid Mesterolone is a derivative dihydrotestosterone. This steroid is known among athletes as a potent androgen (150% of endogenous testosterone) and weak anabolic (only 40% of testosterone), endowed with marked anti-oestrogenic properties – exerts its activity as an inhibitor of aromatase, slowing steroid conversion process into estrogens, completely inhibiting estrogen receptors.

It is also known that mesterolone, which is an active substance Bayer Schering Provironum, has an effect contributing to increase of free testosterone in the body that is appreciated not only in sports, but also in medical practice (this feature improves the function of other steroids, and not just as feasible it is due to inhibition of binding globulin sex hormone).

In general, according to the recommendations applying, Provironum tablets can show the following positive effects that come in handy and within sports such as bodybuilding, and in the field of medicine:

• Increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood;

• Blocking aromatase;

• Increase libido and sexual activity;

• Increase stiffness and muscle relief.

It is important to clarify that from a practical standpoint useful in the framework of the impact of sports Provironum primarily aimed at eliminating / preventing the negative consequences of receiving steroids, and then to the qualitative improvement of nat. form. In other words, for the athlete more important ones are the effects of the product to inhibit aromatase, increase the level of free testosterone in the blood and increased libido than the quality of the drug to increase stiffness and improve muscle bump.

How to take provironum

Proviron is great for any aromatizing courses based on nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetholone, testosterone esters, and sometimes methane. In general, any drugs that exhibit progestogenic activity (retain water, be converted in a female hormones, etc.) can be supplemented Proviron® rate.

The effect of the reception provironum in this case it will be very positive. Conventionally, it is possible to name an assistant on the course. He is due to its androgenic activity will align the levels of female hormones and will not allow the process of flavoring to rise to a high level, and at the same time suppress the possible emergence of Proviron gyno, excessive accumulation of water, limp erections and more. It’s kind of an antiestrogen for the course.