Propionat 100


Condition: New Tablet Content: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml) Tablet Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma Tablet Chemical Name: Testosterone propionate


Propionat 100 is the ether of the male sex hormone testosterone – propionate. This is a relatively fast ether, which is almost immediately included in the work and retains a high concentration within 24-48 hours. Thus, injections of this drug will have to be done quite often, ideally – every day. If for you such an injection regime is unacceptable, you should pay attention to a longer testosterone ester – enanthate, cypionate, or a mixture of ethers.

In general, Propionat 100 is characterized by the same effects that are common to all other testosterone esters. The difference is only in the rate of “inclusion” in the work and half-life.

How to Take Propionat 100

Propionat 100 at a dosage of 150-1000 mg / week. It is necessary to build on the experience of each individual athlete, as well as on his goals and objectives. In case this is your first AAS course, you should adhere to a minimum dosage of 150 mg / week.

The course of Propionat 100 propionate 100 at the lowest dosage does not mean a minimum result, so you can check your body’s reaction to exogenous sex hormones, in particular testosterone propionate, reducing the risk of side effects such as increased blood pressure, acne, gynecomastia , And others. It is also necessary to take tests for hormones during the course, in order to see the state of your body and be able to react instantly to undesirable changes.