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Oxanprime (Anavar) – anabolic steroid , has low androgenic activity , thus has moderate in strength anabolic effect . This drug was developed in the 1960s for use in the medical field (treatment of burns, anemia, etc.), but due to its anabolic properties began to be used in the sport over time.

How to take Oxanprime

As mentioned above, “a solo course” Oxanprime is not used for massonabora, it is advisable to apply for registration of the musculature. This rate should be “ladder”, i.e. to start taking the drug with a small dose, gradually increasing them, for example: the first week – 20 mg per day, divided into 2 doses (morning and afternoon), the second – 40-60 mg comma for 3 doses (morning, afternoon and evening). After completing this course, some athletes are advised to spend FCT tamoxifen ( Clomid ) , for what would be in the case of reducing the amount of own testosterone to return it to the proper level. In order to determine the state of the hormonal system, it is necessary to hand over analyzes.

During the course, you must adhere to proper nutrition, eat protein foods, as well as it is desirable to add to your diet protein , amino acids , BCAA’s .

Many athletes accept Oxanprime together with other anabolic agents such as Primobolan and testosterone ( Propiko , Enka , cypionate ), including mixtures of various testosterone esters ( sustanon , omnadren ).

Oxanprime side effects

Oxanprime has a low incidence of side effects, but still appear periodic undesirable effects such as rise in blood pressure, abdominal pain and head, nausea and others. More about the side effects of the AC described in the article: ” Anabolic Steroids: Side Effects “.

This formulation can not be aromatization , so it does not cause such pobochki like fluid retention and gynecomastia . It is also worth noting that the use of Oxanprime in relatively small doses (40-50 mg daily) significantly suppresses the level of testosterone. Inhibition of secretion of own test can be observed in cases of Anavar at elevated dosages (eg 70-80 mg per day or higher). To resolve this, “pobochki” on the course can be used gonadotropin .

It is worth mentioning that the reduction of its own test generation can lead to undesirable effects such as sluggish erection and reduced libido. To eliminate these effects, athletes often spend Oxanprime course in conjunction with androgenic drugs.

At the end of the course is necessary to FCT, which can include testosterone boosters (eg: Tribulus), zinc and vitamin E. It is advisable to pass the tests and their results to decide whether there is a need for the use of Tamoxifen or Clomid.