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Enaprime relates to ester compounds of natural testosterone. It has many trade names, in America alone there are more than fourteen products containing this component. In Russia, authorized the sale of all four drugs.

Enaprime has a direct impact on the development of genital organs, is responsible for development of secondary sex characteristics. Thanks to him, formed sexual behavior, is the formation of body composition, voice, hair. At its absence in the body, perhaps comparing all anabolic mental functions. Women used to treat diseases such as breast tumors, uterine fibroids, osteoporosis during menopause. During slow development of prescribed to adolescents to improve growth.

Application of Enaprime

The primary effect of testosterone is based on a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. Due to this and there is a rapid build-up of muscle mass. A significant increase in muscle in a short time due to the accumulation in the body of water in large enough quantities. This is due to the process of retention of water and electrolytes that causes rapid weight gain and power, so necessary for the training. Process muscle mass is directly proportional to the amount of water in the body. Therefore, Enaprime and popular among athletes.

Without chemistry in professional bodybuilding is nothing to do. In addition to intensive muscle-building, a large accumulation of water in the body has a number of negative consequences for the organism. Many pressure increases, so since the drug must always be seen by a doctor. On the face, back, chest acne appears. This is especially true during chronic administration. Sometimes the reverse effect is observed when acne appear after receiving the testosterone. Bad kidneys begin to deal with excess fluid in the body, so there are edemas. The body looks sleek, loose and watery.

Dosage and courses

For initial use of the drug Enaprime sufficiently 250- 500 mg per week. This is the minimum dosage for beginners, it is desirable to make an injection once a week. If there are no side effects, it is possible to conduct more frequent injections with increasing dosages up to 1000 mg. Many professional athletes use the dosage to 2000 mg of a week and a day, and this is not the limit. In normal training, without the huge loads, such doses are not necessary.

The frequency and amount of drug should depend on the level of the athlete, the number and severity of training and its tasks. In any event, the dosage should be reasonable to side effects of the drug on the body was minimal. Enaprime at a dosage of 200 – 500 mg taken once a week. Higher dosages better split into two injections. The main thing – do not overdo it The course of Enaprime is compatible with all anabolic steroids, although the force of impact, it can be the only drug in the program. The remaining steroids just be a good complement to it.