Clomid 50mg


Condition: New Tablet Content: 50mg (10 pills) Tablet Manufacturer: Cipla Tablet Chemical Name: Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)


Anti-estrogens are widely used by athletes who are used to increase the efficiency of training androgenic-anabolic steroids. Antiestrogens benefit is difficult to overestimate, because after a course of steroids, the endocrine glands decrease the production of testosterone. This happens for the simple reason that if the hormone enters the body from the outside, the need for elaborating it disappears. As a result, the arc “hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian” is becoming less and less active. And the longer an athlete taking steroids, the less testosterone is produced. It is important that the rate of decline of activity of their own glands depend on the intake of prolactin, estradiol and progesterone. If the level of one of these hormones exceeds a certain value, the activity of the endocrine glands will oppress even more. It is therefore important to monitor the level of hormones in time to be tested and always have available inhibitors of estradiol and prolactin.

How does Clomid work?

Many athletes after a course of steroids are trying to restore testosterone levels using dietary supplements, herbal infusions, and other dubious means. Doing this should not be: after the course is in the body hormone pit, when the level of FSH and LH hormones is practically zero. And it is from these hormones depends on the intensity of testosterone secretion.

Clomid influences the production of FSH and LH. In addition, he is connected to the estrogen receptors. Therefore, even if the detected high levels of estrogen in the blood of an athlete should not be afraid: the hormone is in an inactive form.

In the early days of taking Clomid LH and FSH levels quickly reach their maximum at the same time increasing the level of testosterone. Just a couple of weeks testosterone comes to a state that was observed prior to the course of steroids. However, the duration of the drug depends on the individual athlete: someone is only two weeks, someone takes a few months.

How to take Clomid after the course

Clomid dosage depend on what was passed course of steroids. The more drugs taken and the greater were their dosage, the longer will it take to ensure that bring the body back to normal.

In general, the dosage regimen is as follows:

  • after a very severe course – 3 * 150 12 * 100 15 * 50 15 * 25;
  • after a long course – 15 * 100 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after the middle of the course – 30 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after an easy course -15 * 50, 15 * 25, 15 * 25 (one every 2 days)
  • after a very easy course – 15 * 50, 15 * 25.

The first digit represents the number of days during which the drug should be taken. The second digit, which goes behind the asterisk – the recommended dosage of the drug. For example, 15 * 100/15 * 50 will mean that the Clomid should be taken within 15 days of 100 mg, and then another 15 days has 50 mg.